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It's no secret that I'm a theater buff, and that there are at least two or three other theater buffs in my immediate circle-slash-friends-list.  But there's a regional division between the East Coast theater crowd and those of us out here on the other coast, and for that reason I'm going to point the whole gallery at one particular post from my reading page, namely a review (sort of) of something called Head Over Heels, presently in mid-run down at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  Between that post, the official Web page for the show, and what I've been picking up in person now that my field reporter is back from his trip, I have to conclude that this production must be unusual even by OSF standards....

I am told that, my title for this post notwithstanding, that there was no streaking.  There was, however, evidently cross-dressing, emergence from chamberpots closets, onstage not-exactly-adultery, same-sex marriage, lion-wrestling, blatant disregard for the the existence of fourth walls, and a whole lot of Go-Gos music.

It sounds...exuberant.

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In the wake of several pro authors' posts over the last couple of months in which said authors are mystified and/or badly confused by the fanfic itch, we've now got a post from a pro author who has brought immense amounts of common sense to the table.

Jim Hines displays much wisdom, in this matter and in many others.   And he writes good books, too.

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No, I haven't posted new chapters in any of my ongoing projects (soon, I hope).  But I've joined the [ profile] tthdrabbles community (devoted to drabbles crossing the Buffyverse with anything and everything else), and posted several entries over there.  Links as follows:

The League of Extraordinary Blondes (Episodes #1 and #2)
(BtVS/Smallville/Veronica Mars)

Words Matter Most

Murder, She Sang
(Angel/Murder She Wrote)

Something Borrowed, Something Green
(BtVS/Power Rangers Dino Thunder)

Travels With Spike
(Angel/Sherlock Holmes)


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