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Birthdate:Nov 23
Location:Oregon, United States of America
About the journal:
This is mostly a fanfic journal. I'm interested in a wide variety of fandoms as well as in meta- and theoretical discussions; see my interests list (which will be updated from time to time as I remember) for specific fandom categories. Comments, critiques, recs, reviews, and the like are always welcome.

Subscribe and unsubscribe as you like; a note or comment of introduction is welcome but not required. I have (at this point) little to no content here that needs to go behind a circle-wall, so what you see should be essentially the same whether or not I've clicked a "Grant Access" checkbox. If that happens to change down the line, I'll go through and hand out door-keys as needed.

About me:
I've been reading, writing, and watching TV/movies almost constantly since the age of about four (and have, luckily, retrieved the earliest evidence of the latter from my parents so they can no longer blackmail me by threatening to publish the manuscript).

Oddly enough, very little of the writing manifested as fanfic until I got out of college and discovered Doctor Who by way of public television -- and then the fanfic imp went away for a good couple of decades and didn't come back till I came across an active Kim Possible community over on FF.Net. I've since become a regular participant in Yuletide and a dabbler in a number of other sandboxes, with present emphasis on Castle. Most of my complete stories are on AO3 now.

In RL, I am middle-aged (eep!), unattached, working on a variety of non-fannish writing projects, and still hoping to land a winning lottery ticket one of these days so as to escape the necessity of day jobs.

May 2010:
Arrived on Dreamwidth. Postings prior to this date are cloned from my LiveJournal; for the moment, I expect to maintain my presence both here and there. Most entries will be crossposted, although I suspect the two journals may eventually diverge to a degree over time.
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