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A discovery:

One of my local over-the-air digital sub-channels -- affiliated with the Retro TV syndication/network -- has evidently acquired the rights to first-generation episodes of Doctor Who.  Missed the Monday night premiere, but Tuesday night brought Parts 3 and 4 of "An Unearthly Child", so it appears they are starting way the heck back at the beginning.

As they say, check your local listings for time and channel.

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WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD for the Castle season finale.

In a word....oy.

Not surprisingly, such reaction as I've seen so far to the Castle season finale has been mostly...less than pleased.  Clearly, we wanted to see the wedding actually completed onscreen, even if it Jossed the hundreds of fanfic versions thereof we've written over the past several years.  (No, I haven't gotten mine done yet, though I swear I intend to finish that particular piece one of these days.) 

Me? On one hand, I have to agree with a lot of the analysis.  The whole business of an actual legal Vegas marriage?  I can believe in teen wild-child Kate going off to Vegas with scruffy rogue Rogan. That's entirely plausible. But a legally valid marriage that the feds somehow failed to turn up when they background-checked Kate for her new DC job back at the start of the season?  That just doesn't scan.  The writers should definitely have finessed that plot point in the opposite direction, with the problem being a snafu in the New York court records (probably instigated by Rogan one way or another). 

Nor am I happy about the cliffhanger ending -- though not, mostly, for the same reasons I'm seeing in most of the backsplash so far.  Evidently (based on an interview with showrunner Andrew Marlowe) the Castle snatch is a setup for a new "mythology" arc -- and that's not a good sign at all, because the one thing the show's writing team has consistently done badly since day one is to manage their mythology arcs.

Ah, well, this is why we have fixit fic.

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As you might expect, I'm not talking about the mathematical constant.  No, I'm increasingly puzzled by developments on Castle, specifically with respect to Alexis' newfound Significant Other.

As far as I can tell, absolutely no one in the viewing audience actually admits to liking "Pi".  At best. there's a camp that contends that yes, Alexis might reasonably fall for someone like Pi -- laid-back, over-the-top countercultural, and all too (supposedly) similar in emotional terms to Castle himself as he might have been at that age.  And over the half dozen episodes of the new season thus far, we've been told repeatedly that Alexis is suddenly much more in tune with Pi than she is with her father.

And that's the trouble -- we've been told this, not shown it, and what we've been shown is greatly at odds with what we've been told.

If we're to believe what Alexis has told her father, she met Pi during her college-sponsored Costa Rica trip, and the two immediately bonded -- to the extent that she brought him back to the Castle loft with her, and has now moved into an apartment with him.  She hasn't said so in so many words, but both Castle and the audience are clearly meant to assume that the two are sleeping together.  And yet onscreen, Alexis and Pi have demonstrated absolutely no romantic chemistry, nor even much in the way of ordinary interaction.  Instead, Pi spends most of every scene in which he appears interacting with Castle, rather than with Alexis -- and driving him up the wall, often with considerable justification. 

This is, in a word, weird.  The same writers who've spent the last five-plus seasons making us believe in the Castle/Beckett relationship seem to be going out of their way to make us disbelieve the Alexis/Pi relationship.  It makes no sense whatever -- and I'm not sure at this point how they can write themselves out of the situation.  There's no drama in breaking up a relationship that we weren't invested in to start with, and it's much too late to retcon chemistry that should have been there from Pi's first appearance.

I have to think that the writers have something in mind for this arc; for all that the Castle creative team has its blind spots, writing romantic relationships hasn't been one of them.  But I can't for the life of me see where they're going with this.

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By way of [personal profile] icepixie, herewith the pitch for Perihelion Race:

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