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News comes tonight that co-star Stana Katic "hasn't been asked back" for the prospective 9th season of Castle, though the current showrunners seem hopeful that said 9th season is still a possibility.  A secondary character, Tamala Jones' Lanie Parish, is also being written out.

I've been mostly pretty forgiving of the writing choices on Castle for the last couple of seasons, and have kept watching despite the current showrunners' insistence on pursuing plotlines that highlight the weakest aspects of the series' writing.  But this just boggles the mind; from day one, Castle has been built around the character partnership of Rick Castle and Kate Beckett, and I really don't see how the series can be realistically continued without both characters on board.  One can only hope that ABC will put the fans out of their misery and choose not to renew the show.

For my own part, though, I actually don't think the mythology kerfuffles are as much of a disaster as the huge disservice the writing has done to both Alexis and Martha in the past couple of seasons.  Martha has entirely lost her engaging con-artist's edge, and Alexis' original maturity and independence has been wholly forgotten in favor of turning her into "Alexis Castle, PI" (a role that exploits none of the academic, artistic, or personal interests she was shown to have while in high school and college).  Indeed, the two characters have pretty much stepped into each other's original narrative functions -- Martha is now the mature, wise mentor, while Alexis is Castle's wish-fulfillment enabler and comic sidekick.  It's pure good fortune that Susan Sullivan and Molly Quinn are sufficiently capable performers to sell their new roles, but it's a particular shame that we've not seen the truly brilliant young woman that Alexis should have become.


Ah, well.  I foresee a hell of a lot of fixit fic emerging over the summer.  And if anyone is still actually writing canon-compliant fic at this point, I rather suspect most of it will go AU after this season's finale.

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[Edited; the toy's blog-code isn't working, and I'm too lazy to redo the analyses to pull links.]

All right, this is interesting.

I tried the text two of my Yuletide stories, The Solitary Sorceress of Oz and Four Views of General Jinjur, on this Web-based writing-style analyzer, and got this back:

"You write like L. Frank Baum."

Now initially, I was impressed; Solitary Sorceress was written to sound as much like Baum as I could manage, and getting this result back for that story seemed remarkably perceptive.  But Four Views -- while it's still an Oz story -- is structured distinctly differently (for one thing, it's written in four different first-person POVs)...and so I was a little surprised to get the Baum result a second time.  What this suggests to me is that the analyzer is looking for vocabulary more than it is for style as such.  Let's try another piece....

Hmm.  The Tale of Marian's Wedding (a Robin Hood story, also originally a Yuletide entry, gets this:

"You write like William Shakespeare."

And my latest Yuletide contribution, River of Death, yields:

"You write like Dan Brown."

Uh-huh, definitely a vocabulary analyzer.  Most of Shakespeare's surviving text is verse and play-script, not prose, so while the engine's period sense is more or less right, its grammar-and-voice parser is off.  And it correctly pegs River of Death as a thriller, so Dan Brown is a plausible guess (the sandbox is actually Clive Cussler's).  Most of the other fic I fed this also showed up as "Dan Brown"...except for my Yuletide Arabian Nights story, which the analyzer tagged as like Douglas Adams, for what reason I'm not sure.

Interesting toy, but not as nifty as I was hoping for.

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And so 2008 has arrived, the Yuletide author credits are up, and folk are madly wandering round the LJverse hunting Santas.  (Elmer Fudd voice: "Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting witers!")  While I don't anticipate vast hordes of groupies trampling the furniture hereabouts, both of the stories I wrote have attracted a number of comments and a handful of recs, so it seems appropriate to provide a bit of commentary here.


About The Solitary Sorceress of Oz:
Read more... )

About The Story of the Djinni and the Professor:
Read more... )

Thanks very much to everyone who's commented on one or both of these stories; I'll be responding to the individual comments as soon as I can.  (I believe I have emailed copies of all the responses to Djinni; several of the comments for Sorceress, however, appear not to have made it through the email engine.)

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Slight but significant revision to the bio in my user info. Following a longish trail of virtual breadcrumbs this past week led me to a cycle of Kim Possible fic written by [ profile] allaine77, with which I find myself extraordinarily impressed -- and perforce required to somewhat modify my opinions and preconceptions regarding at least certain subsets of slash. (The fic itself is more easily findable at Fanfiction.Net under "allaine", or via her YahooGroups page, than via the LJ.) If only it were all as good as this, though I rather fear otherwise.

[It also occurs to me, after having inhaled that whole story-cycle, that my own previously posted piece is dangerously capable of spinning off a cycle of its own. And whereas I don't think mine is likely to veer into onstage slash, I'm not as confident of that as I'd have claimed to be a week ago....]


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