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I have signed up for [community profile] fandom_stocking  again this year; my stocking is over here.  (LiveJournal denizens note that both of the foregoing links point over to Dreamwidth.)

Signups are still open through tomorrow (12/13) if anyone is interested; guidelines and instructions are here, and the signup post itself is here.

A tip for DW subscribers: I have found it useful to set up two reading-page filters for this exchange: one that consists of everything except [community profile] fandom_stocking  posts, and one that's exclusively for [community profile] fandom_stocking.  This has simplified my life greatly during the period that the exchange is active.

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And here's my contribution, a longer story following on from Bruce Coville's A.I. Gang trilogy. I had a lot of fun writing this one; it's an especially nifty canon, and I had a chance to stretch my muse a bit.  Also I got a really happy and extensive comment from my recipient; as I told her in the reply, if it's possible to get a sunburn from basking in reflected squee, I am potentially in serious trouble.

Matters of Death and Life
Fandom: The A. I. Gang (Bruce Coville)
Rating: G
Length: ~7900 words
Characters: Roger Phillips, Rachel Phillips, Dr. Anthony Phillips, Wendy Wendell III, Dr. Stanley Remov, Dr. Bai' Ling, Dr. Leonard Weiskopf

Lately Rachel’s thoughts had begun turning toward her mother. There were things she just couldn’t talk about with her father or Roger, and there wasn’t any adult woman in her life she felt comfortable treating as a confidante. She had, however, been able to articulate the problem to her twin – and had then mentally kicked herself for not seeing the answer he’d offered.

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Double pleasure this time around; I have a story and a treat, both from L. J. Smith's Night World  series.

Feel the earth move and then • by [personal profile] flamebyrd 
Fandom: Night World (L. J. Smith)
Rating: G
Length: ~1100 words
Raksha Keller, Galen Drache (Galen/Raksha)
Warnings: none
Tags: AU, first meetings, spies & secret agents

Agent Raksha Keller has been assigned a new partner. She is not impressed.

This is mildly AU, treating the Night World as spy/intrigue fare with a first meeting between Our Heroes that hits all the right notes.  Fun yet nuanced, and quite well executed.

Vacation • by [personal profile] flamebyrd 
Fandom: Night World (L. J. Smith)
Rating: G
Length: ~650 words
Aradia, Maggie Neely, Delos, Raksha Keller
Warnings: none
Tags: team bonding, late night conversations, quiet moments

Aradia is not used to down-time.

And this is a shorter piece, a thoughtful and perceptive character snapshot of Aradia -- a secondary but important character who turns up in the last couple of Night World books.

I'm very happy with both stories, and especially grateful to have both an "official" story and a treat from the same talented writer.  That's beyond the call of duty for sure, and very much appreciated.
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Written for me in the just-opened collection for Crossovering 2014:

Maps of a Myth by ?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Star Trek: Deep Space 9
~2300 words
Rating: teen
Warnings: graphic violence (i.e. high-end Buffyverse slayage)

no, it was a myth, she was a couldn't be
The one where Kira meets Buffy in a forest on Bajor.

I am well pleased. It's an ambitious and interesting fusion, and a thoughtful extrapolation of the Slayer legend into Bajoran context, with an intriguing pre-series Kira Nerys and a scarily competent Bajoran!Buffy, plus bonus points for impressive fight choreography.

I hope to have more recs posted shortly, but dinner and arm-wrestling with my Fic Corner assignment are also beckoning....

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Greetings and welcome!  This was something of a spur-of-the-moment signup (I was distracted during the nomination window), but no less sincere for all that, and I'm both glad to be aboard and very much looking forward to whatever you choose to write.  Whether matched by assignment or prospecting for treat-writing opportunities, those of you writing on my behalf have my sincerest thanks and appreciation for your efforts.

First, the general notes:

My tastes in fic are wide and eclectic -- I read and enjoy gen, het, and slash (both flavors) at all ratings and have very few outright squicks aside from noncon, incest, and adult-child kink, but I am not typically attracted to stories for erotic content or angst quotient.  Rather, I like good characterization, authentic-sounding dialogue, effectively sneaky plotting, and well-developed wit.  I am equally intrigued by clever use of canon and thoughtfully developed AUs, and I am disturbingly fond of crossovers and well-woven meta threads.  As a rule, I tend to prefer canon-consistent romantic pairings (any exceptions will be noted further along), with the added note that in my book, well-sustained UST (heavy on the T) is often as good as or better than actual sex.  It's definitely true that my own writing also reflects the kinds of things I like to read; my AO3 archive is here, and you're welcome to prowl.

Now, then, to the requests:Read more... )
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As if I didn't have enough on my plate (eyes deadlines for [community profile] intoabar and [community profile] yuletide), I've hung a stocking at [community profile] fandom_stocking again this year, and here it is.

Some notes, because I know at least one person will ask:

Although it's been hosted on LiveJournal in the past, this year's event is happening exclusively on Dreamwidth. Here are some useful links:

2013 Announcement Post (deadline for signups: 12/18)
Signup Post

Because of the volume of posts that the stocking signups generate, I've found it useful to create filters (one with all my friends-page/circle groups except [community profile] fandom_stocking, and one for just that community).

Note that unlike most other fanwork exchanges, there are no assignments and there is no matching; one simply trolls through the stockings (the fandom and interest tags are invaluable for this), finds stockings one can fill, and posts. Also unlike most such exchanges, contributions are not limited to fic, and may include non-fannish elements (recs, recipes, icons and art, general good wishes, etc.).


This is a fanfic journal. I'm interested in a wide variety of fandoms as well as in meta- and theoretical discussions; see my interests list for specific fandom categories. Comments, critiques, recs, reviews, and the like are always welcome.
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