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As a confirmed crossover geek, this is rapidly becoming my favorite annual exchange, even if it is the most complicated. And as always, I am even more than usually grateful and impressed with whatever crossover ends up coming my way as a result. I remain in awe of the folk running this particular venture, because I suspect the matching -- even with AO3's automated engine in play -- is more than usually interesting. Thank you very much for volunteering for this madness, and specifically for your willingness to indulge my particular cross-fannish sensibilities.

Anyhow. Per the usual form of these things, here's a cut, because this is going to be even longer than usual.

General Notes:
If you are a regular reader of my "Dear [insert exchange-specific nom de fic here]" letters, parts of these next paragraphs may sound familiar. My tastes in fic are wide and eclectic -- I read and enjoy gen, het, and slash (both flavors) at all ratings and have very few outright squicks aside from noncon, incest, and adult-child kink, but I am not typically attracted to stories for erotic content or angst quotient. Rather, I like good characterization, authentic-sounding dialogue, effectively sneaky plotting, and well-developed wit. I am equally intrigued by clever use of canon and thoughtfully developed AUs, and I am disturbingly fond of crossovers [obvious much?] and well-woven meta threads.

As to romance: where crossovers are concerned, I'm hardly ever drawn to write one for pairing-related purposes, and within individual fandoms I normally gravitate to canon-consistent pairings -- but in the crossovers I read, I've been wowed by a startling range of intriguing cross-fannish relationships (up to and including Buffy Summers and a Ninja Turtle). That said, I add the observation that in my book, well-sustained UST (heavy on the T) is often as good as or better than actual sex, in crossovers as well as canonical relationships.

And it's definitely true that my own writing also reflects the kinds of things I like to read; my AO3 archive is here, and you're welcome to prowl.

Due to the sheer number of fandoms and combinations involved, I have not tried to give specific prompts for every potential match. (If you find yourself needing more guidance on a particular combo, contact the mods per Yuletide protocol, and I'll be happy to amplify.) There are two sets of notes below: one noting my particular knowledge and preferences with respect to individual source canons, and a second with thoughts on my particular requests for this year. Where I do give prompts/suggestions, the Optional Details Are Optional rule applies; if your own muse has spawned a Diabolically Clever Idea all on its own, you are totally welcome to indulge said muse rather than following my trails of breadcrumbs.

Rather a lot of my requests this year veer toward humorous, improbable, or cracktastic combinations; for me, at least, this is part of both the challenge and the reward of creating crossovers in the first place. That said, as both a reader and a writer I'm also very partial to the potentially cracktastic combo played straight and thoughtfully (see the above-mentioned Buffy/Turtle romance), so do not fear if comedy is not your forté.

Now that the mods have introduced the crossover-vs.-fusion tags, I should note that in almost all cases, I greatly prefer crossovers (incorporating characters from both source fandoms) to fusions (characters from source #1, world from source #2). There are a couple of exceptions to this, which I've noted specifically below.

Canon-Specific Notes:

If a particular series isn't listed below, assume I've seen all of the aired/filmed/published canon.

Agent Carter: I've seen both seasons in full but still haven't got hold of the original one-shot.

Castle: Any pairings should be canon-consistent with four notable exceptions. I'm definitely open to seeing Martha as having had a prior (or current) relationship with a crossover or original character. I'm also open to seeing an (age/experience-consistent) relationship -- either het or slash, so long as it's well-developed -- between Alexis and a crossover or original character. I am strongly biased against Pi. And "Jackson Hunt" is not Castle's father, no matter what canon says about it.

Doctor Who: I came into the fandom via Three, Four, and (especially) Five, but I'm conversant with the full classic canon from One through Seven plus Eight's movie. Of the "new" series: I've seen all of Nine, bits of Ten and Eleven, and a good deal of Twelve [I finally gave in and got cable when I had to change ISPs last year], plus the first season of Sarah Jane Adventures. I'm still not conversant with any of the Big Finish audio material (darnit!). I am an unabashed fan of Anthony Ainley's Master (though I must admit "Missy" is growing on me), was underwhelmed by the whole Rose Tyler arc, and pretty much skipped Torchwood.

Indiana Jones: I have seen all four feature films (and read several of the tie-in novels) but have only seen very small snippets of the Young Indy television series.  As to Crystal Skull: I thought it was okay, but I'm open to fic that disregards it -- Indy has way more chemistry with his dad than with his canonical son.  Also open to crossover-romantic pairings involving either Indy or his dad, though preferably het rather than slash.

Power Rangers: I watched these as they originally aired straight through from MMPR to Mystic Force *except* that I somehow skipped almost all of the space-based seasons (including Alien Rangers), and have had brief glimpses of Operation Overdrive and the current Dino SuperCharge episodes. My interest in the series revived when I ran across the Time Force series DVDs recently, and I'm now gradually acquiring more of the season sets. Favorite seasons: Time Force, Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm. (For Time Force: I'm a Jen/Wes partisan, but am opposed to Alex-bashing and -- probably like everyone else -- am highly amused entertained by the Eric/Taylor pairing in the TF/WF teamup.) Least favorite seasons: Mystic Force, SPD.

Stargate SG-1: I am conversant with the full series plus the two post-series movies, though my viewing of the last couple of seasons was rather scattershot (loved Vala, didn't care for the Ori at all).

ST:TNG: I'm conversant with the complete run of the series, as well as with all the other canonical TV series. I've also read widely in the tie-in novels, though I'm more thoroughly versed in the earlier material than in the current "extended continuity" novels.

Tomorrowland: I've read the Before Tomorrowland tie-in novel (strongly recommended!), but have not got hold of the Miles from Tomorrowland video material.

Young Wizards: I have and enjoy both the original and New Millennium texts right up through Games Wizards Play, plus most of the "extra" short pieces; feel free to use whichever continuity you need to make a crossover/fusion work.

REQUEST #1: Brisco County Jr., Indiana Jones, Supergirl, Tomorrowland

The theme here is broadly "Weird Science"; between time travel and dimension-jumping, connecting any two of these ought not be too difficult. I would be especially amused to see Brisco find his way to Tomorrowland, and I imagine there'd be fireworks if today's Supergirl were to cross paths with Indiana Jones on the latter's home turf (or desert, or jungle, etc.).

REQUEST #2: Doctor Who, Galavant, Tomorrowland, Young Wizards

The joker in this deck is obviously Galavant; the logistics of crossing that over with nearly anything else in the whole tag set are a trifle scary to contemplate -- and yet the potential for comedy gold is so, so tempting. OTOH, at least the other three canons in play have time/space travel, magic, and/or dimensional transits at their disposal, and any two of those three really ought to play pretty well together. The best Doctor for this cluster probably depends on which fandom is the match; any of Two, Three, Five, or Twelve might do well. Meta is very much encouraged for anything in this group.

REQUEST #3: Castle, Power Rangers, SG-1, Young Wizards

I keep putting Castle in these lists because it's just so much fun to contemplate blowing Rick's and Kate's minds with any of the prospective wackiness that would ensue in a crossover situation (although in a couple of these, we could easily be looking at an Alexis-centric catalyst). That said, one important note: in the case of Power Rangers, I am very open to *either* crossover or fusion approaches -- in particular, I would be greatly amused by either a Ranger team as Duane-style wizards or any of the other character sets drafted as a Ranger team.

REQUEST #4: Agent Carter, Castle, Doctor Who, ST:TNG

This is probably the least comedy-driven of my requests for this round, though there's certainly still potential for Wacky Crossover Theater in several of the prospective combinations (especially Castle/TNG, given the most likely catalyst I can think of for that particular matchup). One other note: in the case of Agent Carter/Castle, I can see *either* a crossover or at least a partial fusion [i.e. "Agent Beckett", though perhaps with most of the secondary ensemble left intact; in that context Castle might replace either Jarvis or Howard Stark]. Preferred Doctors for this cluster, if you go there, are probably Four, Five, Ten, and Twelve (and/or an appropriate Master).

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From: [personal profile] eleanorjane
This is the awesome thing about fic gift exchanges - they're a gift for everyone.

(Also, I am wildly curious about the Buffy/Ninja Turtle crossover now. Might you have a link? :))


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