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Holmestice reveals are up, and I once again wrote a story that everyone immediately pegged as mine. (One of these rounds I will succeed at being sneakier.) I am amused and pleased that the story has been applauded both by those familiar with both obscure Holmes fandoms and by those familiar with neither.  I have not done a tally yet, but I also maintained a solid record of entertainingly wrong guesses about who'd written what.  Others did much, much better than I did at guessing this session.

So this one was my gift to [personal profile] language_escapes:

Charlotte Holmes in the 22nd Century
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (Cartoon), Charlotte Holmes Series - Brittany Cavallaro, Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
No Archive Warnings Apply.
Presumes general knowledge of the two Cavallaro books published to date while avoiding plot-specific spoilers; extrapolates (sometimes sharply) from there.
Words: ~5800
Characters: Beth Lestrade, Charlotte Holmes, Martin Fenwick, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Fusion, Crossover

One hundred forty-seven years.
Too long, I thought, and not nearly long enough. “I don’t imagine you’ve woken me just to chat about our respective ancestors. And the Yard has always had trouble with really creative criminals. Still—”

“We had hardly any criminals, period, for over fifty years,” Lestrade interjected. “Then about three months ago, things changed.


And I was gifted with a positively brilliant story focusing on a little-examined aspect of the Holmes-vs.-Moriarty conflict (no, [personal profile] trobadora , you are never going to stop blushing!).

The Question
Author: Trobadora
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: ~2000
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes & James Moriarty
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, James Moriarty
Additional Tags: appearances by Lestrade & Watson & Moran, Story: The Final Problem, Story: The Adventure of the Empty House

Of all the unanswered questions I had collected over the course of my career, none weighed upon me as much as that posed by the inexplicable inaction of Professor Moriarty.

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Yes, You Can Do That In Fanfiction, and here's the Dear Scripter letter to prove it.

First, and always most important: thank you -- for taking the plunge into a new fic exchange, for offering to write at least one fandom that's in both our wheelhouses, and for the care and effort that I know always goes into these challenge/exchange stories. I never cease to be delighted at the superb quality of the stories I receive, and I appreciate the thought that goes into producing a story arising out of my often-rambling prompt-letters.

So: first, you want to know what I like.

Pluses for me include strong characterization, well-written dialogue, wit/banter/snark, clever use of canon, well-developed AUs, UST (heavy on both the U and the T), and more. I'm neutral when it comes to matters of gen, slash, and the like -- if the pairing is well-developed, I'll read with an open mind. I'm not into noncon, incest, or adult/child kinks, but have few other outright squicks as long as the relationship is age- and canon-appropriate; OTOH, I mostly don't read fanfic for sexual content (though in a couple of these fandoms, I do enjoy romance plots; see the specific prompts for details).

I will note in particular that I am a sucker for the clever and well-executed crossover -- not because I expect one (Optional Details Being Optional, and such things being well beyond the call of either duty or necessity), but because in more than one of these cases, the potential amusement and/or entertainment value would be particularly high if your writerly imagination should happen to wander in that direction.

Fandom-specific notes below the cut:

Read more... )

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Next, written for me in the current round of Holmestice:

to cradle the world in his hands
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century
Written by: language_escapes
Characters: Tennyson, Wiggins, Deidre, Sherlock Holmes
Type/Rating: G • gen
Additional Tags: Ableism, British Sign Language, Canon Disabled Character, Character Study, Disability, Languages, Origin Story
Warnings: none
Words: ~7900

He does not feel limited.
A Tennyson origin story.

This story, like its protagonist, is enormously intelligent and immensely likeable, even as it tackles a complicated and prickly set of issues with deft and sensitive wisdom -- and reveals that even Sherlock Holmes is occasionally challenged.  Clearly I've won the story lottery this holiday season....
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I got not one but two absolutely amazing stories in this summer's Holmestice exchange (as the title suggests, focusing on the infinite variety of Sherlock Holmes).

Echoes of the Past

Fandom: Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes and Beth Lestrade
Word Count: ~3100
Rating: G
Warning: None
Summary: There’s more than one way to connect with a previous century.


On Verity and Verisimilitude
Characters/Pairings: James Moriarty (hologram)
Word Count: ~1200
Warnings: None
Summary: Moriarty gazed on the stars, and trembled at the possibilities.
Author Notes: Alternatively, the one in which you know Moriarty is evil because he thinks Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem is funny. Severe spoilers for Star Trek: The Next Generation 6x12 "Ship in a Bottle."

I also direct the reader's attention to the following story, which was written for gardnerhill but which I certainly could have asked for.  (Note that the Author Notes are from the currently-anonymous writer, not from me.)

A Handsome and Generous People
Characters/Pairings: Holmes & Wt'sn, Holmes/Watson
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Tags: Hurt/comfort, angst, humor, copious ACD canon references, happy ending. 7.5K words
“Watson,” Holmes said, reaching up to clasp my wrist.
“I’m sorry, old chap,” I said, giving him my hand. “It’s only Wt’sn.”

Author Notes:
Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century was a never-produced Filmation series; the pilot became a stand-alone two-parter within their space-western Bravestarr. (It's available on Hulu, although mislabeled there; skip to 1:10 to get past the obnoxious credits. There are also a few copies floating around YouTube.) Most of the backstory you'll need is in the first ten-to-twelve minutes; by the time Marshall Bravestarr shows up to ask for help you're pretty much set, although I do refer to the case once or twice.

Or, if you prefer a quick textual recap: During the fight with Moriarty at Reichenbach, with Watson too far away to give aid, Holmes is the one who falls. On the way down, he passes through a timewarp and into an 1890s-meets-the-1980s 23rd-century London. Holmes immediately meets Dr. Wt'sn, a green-skinned alien physician from a planet in the Rigel system, and the two get on well enough to solve cases together. Also, Holmes can shoot lightning from his fingers. (I dunno, it's a falling-through-a-timewarp thing.)

However, time warps, lightning bolts, and digital clocks aside: this is simply a canon-heavy story about being the wrong Watson.

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It is the Yuletide of dreams, for I got two stories...and one of them is from The Lastborn of Elvinwood! Herewith my gifts and a short cluster of recs:

Written for me:

The Usual Arrangements by Anonymous
Length: ~1800 words
Fandom: The Lastborn of Elvinwood - Linda Haldeman
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Thomas Heaton, Merlin, Ian James

We're told that 'he told a tale well', but how would the Vicar spin Ian's first meeting with the little folk to his master?

I have been waiting for *years* for this story (and it was a pure and utter surprise when I found I'd gotten it). A clever and amusing spin on a key encounter between various principal characters.  Best. Yuletide.  Ever.  (Also, now that I think of it, actually, fairly comprehensible -- and possibly funny -- even if you haven't read the novel.)


No Law Against Looking by Anonymous
Length: 100 words
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (Cartoon)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Beth Lestrade

The rules of relationship can get tangled after two hundred years.

Heh.  Yes, they do, and here Lestrade is looking at Holmes from a doubly unique perspective.  Very well done indeed, and a worthy gift.


And onward, to an assortment of recs.  One note in particular: I have been reading very erratically, such that I often have not read all the stories in any given fandom.  So a rec for one story in a given fandom is just that, and does not say anything one way or the other about other stories in that same fandom.


Heaven's Coins  by Anonymous
Length: ~1550 words
Fandom: A Christmas Carol - Charles Dickens
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jacob Marley & Ebenezer Scrooge
Characters: Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley

Marley's haunting was all that saved Scrooge from eternal damnation. Years have passed and it is time to repay the favor.

A very interesting take on Scrooge's arrival in the hereafter.  On the one hand, this plays very straight with its Dickens; on another, though, there's a faint and fascinating resonance here between this piece and The Muppet Christmas Carol's choice to cast Statler and Waldorf as "Marley and Marley".


Anno Domini 1915 by Anonymous
Length: ~500 words
Fandom: Dark Is Rising Sequence - Susan Cooper
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Merriman Lyon, Miss Greythorne (Dark Is Rising)

...I've just passed The Learning chapters in my reread of TDIR and recalled how much I love Miss Greythorne, so have some pre-canon Old Ones. I also hope this isn't too grim for a gift!

Not too grim at all in my book, though it's not perhaps a tale for the squeamish -- a fascinating, unusual pre-canon snapshot of Merriman and Miss Greythorne (one of my favorite characters, too), and the consequences of the choices one makes as an Old One.


And Wings Made of Air by Anonymous
Length: ~1500 words
Fandom: Dobrenica Series - Sherwood Smith
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Marius Alexander Ysvorod and Aurelia Kim Murray
Characters: Marius Alexander Ysvorod, Aurelia Kim Murray

Marius Alexander Ysvorod, crown prince of Dobrenica, the day after his wedding...

Thoughtful and funny and sweet and wondrous (in the old-fashioned sense-of-wonder sense) in all the right places.  For me, the voice here catches precisely the echo I've noted in canon between this series and Elizabeth Peters' Vicky Bliss novels; the relationship between Alec and Kim has much the same texture as that between John and Vicky, though with something of a reversal of roles.


Reasons of the Heart by Anonymous
Length: ~5300 words
Fandom: Jonny Quest
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jonny Quest & Hadji Singh, Benton Quest & Race Bannon
Characters: Jonathan "Jonny" Quest, Hadji Singh, Benton Quest, Race Bannon, Bandit (Jonny Quest)

“The heart has its reasons whereof reason knows nothing.” (Blaise Pascal)

A lovely, leisurely depiction of the evolution of a found family, perceptive and sensitive but not at all saccharine, invoking just the right touch of tension without devolving into angst.  Very canon-aware, and yet I think it holds up independent of canon; this is first-class writing whether or not you know the series.


To Grandmother's Secret Lab We Go by Anonymous
Length: ~7400 words (4 chapters)
Fandom: Narbonic, Skin Horse (Webcomic)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Helen B. "Beta" Narbon, Dave Davenport, Artie | RT-5478, Mell Kelly, Caliban (Narbonic), Rosalind Narbon, Project UNITY, Dr. Helen A. "Alpha" Narbon, Captain's Fancy Valentine Sweetheart, Nick Zerhakker

While playing host to the Narbons, Mell gets tracked down by a relative... of sorts. But hers isn't the only unexpected family reunion in store, and soon the whole crew is on a cross-country Narbon-vs.-Narbon chase. Blood may be thicker than water, but are nanites thicker than blood?

For some reason, I didn't move on to Skin Horse after encountering and falling in love with Narbonic two-thirds or so of the way in.  Now I may have to change that, because this is at once a totally spectacular post-canon Narbonic adventure and a dropped-in-at-the-deep-end Skin Horse caper, and while I haven't read the latter strip at all, the story is hyperactively madcap enough that it holds up regardless.  Also, if I didn't know better, I'd seriously think I'd written this myself, because its style and structure remind me of my own Kim Possible/Narbonic crossover from some years back.  (I emphasize that this is a reminds-me-in-a-good-way note, not a criticism or complaint.)  Mad science has never been more fun than these characters make it, whether in Shaenon Garrity's hands or those of the present fanwriter.


Mrs Pollifax Does Lunch by Anonymous
Length: ~2800 words
Fandom: Mrs. Pollifax - Dorothy Gilman
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: John Farrell & Emily Pollifax
Characters: Grace Hartshorne

A wintry day in New Brunswick, New Jersey is brightened considerably by an unexpected visitor.

Much of the tiny body of Pollifax fanfic takes place in New Jersey, between Mrs. Pollifax's espionage adventures.  This particular story raises the stakes, though, by setting up a face-to-face confrontation between veteran operative John Sebastian Farrell and Emily's notoriously inquisitive neighbor Miss Hartshorne.  Impressively, neither character blinks, and yet the resulting fireworks -- muted but undeniable -- arise from another angle entirely.  The result is a thoughtful treatment of all three characters that catches the authentic Gilman tone. 


From Here to Eternity by Anonymous
Length: 100 words
Fandom: Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Vanyel Ashkevron/Bard Stefen

Guarding the border has its moments. And sometimes it doesn't.

A brief, amusing look at afterlife in the Forest of Sorrows.  And possibly an argument for either Vanyel or Stefan being a distant ancestor of Calvin's -- and, as the obvious corollary, Hobbes being a Firecat.  (This story is not that fusion, but it might well lay the groundwork for such....)


The Other Side by Anonymous
Length: ~1150 words
Fandom: Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Sayvil, Kerowyn

Sayvil experiences Choosing from a new perspective.

Noteworthy both for the direct look at Companion life from backstage and for the neatly executed reverse spin on Kerowyn's moment of Choice from By the Sword.


This is a fanfic journal. I'm interested in a wide variety of fandoms as well as in meta- and theoretical discussions; see my interests list for specific fandom categories. Comments, critiques, recs, reviews, and the like are always welcome.
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