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A quick note relative to current developments on the LiveJournal side (specifically, concerns about LJ's servers being migrated to Darkest Russia):

This journal has for some time been mirrored on both DW (where I write most/all of the posts) and LJ (where I started), and I read my friends-lists/circles regularly on both sides of that mirror.  I expect to continue to do just that for as long as the lights are on.  Any content I post will be available on the DW side if the lights go off on LJ, and given that this is almost purely a fannish journal, I see little likelihood that Koschei the Deathless et al will choose to come after me.

Having said that: I do encourage anyone on the LJ side who is concerned to create a DW presence (there are tools whereby one can import an existing LJ over to DW essentially intact, thereby preserving the content), to add me to your DW reading page, and/or to let me know if you have a non-mirrored DW account to which I ought to connect.  The DW visual interface is as highly customizable as LJ's is (being built from the same base code), and though the vocabulary is a little different, the underlying structure is much the same.  At the moment, one need not have an invite code to create a DW account; if that changes (which it might if there's a mass exodus), any spare invite codes I happen to acquire will be mentioned here and available by request.

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It will likely be a day or two -- give or take a day, depending on when signups actually open -- but there will, before too long, be a fresh Dear Yulewriter letter forthcoming.  Note that this is not a placeholder for it -- I'll post separately when I get things properly pulled together.  (I am rewriting and rewiring more than usual this year, given recent evolution in the Yuletide substructure.)

Meanwhile, sleep sounds good....
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Thanks to the estimable [personal profile] medie, I have been seduced by the fannish-bingo side of the Force, and am now officially committed to the Cotton Candy Bingo challenge.  (This is fannish bingo in the name of fluff, happy endings, and the antithesis of angst.)  Herewith my card: )

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I have been keeping this under my hat for some time now, but the contributor copy arrived in today's mail, so I think it's safe to assume I haven't dreamed the whole thing.

Specifically, I have here a copy of Oziana 2011, the magazine of Oz stories published by the International Wizard of Oz Club. There is an elegant illustration of Glinda the Good on the cover...and inside, one of the featured stories is "The Solitary Sorceress of Oz", originally written by yours truly for Yuletide some years back.  There are several extremely nice interior illustrations accompanying the story, done by Isabelle Melançon (co-creator and illustrator of Namesake, a Web comic you really ought to be reading if you haven't discovered it already).  I am extremely pleased about this, as Oziana is known for being both extremely selective and highly regarded by Serious Oz Fans, I consider it a high honor to appear in its pages.  I was also utterly delighted when I was told who'd be illustrating the story, as I have been a Namesake fan since the strip first appeared.

It should be noted that the printed story appears under the byline of Mycroft Mason, as writing for Oziana calls for different protocol than applies in the online fanfictional community.  (In fact, "Mycroft Mason" is just as much a pen name as "Gray Cardinal", but we won't mention that to the Wizard....)

As I understand it copies of current issues are only available to IWOC members (and this issue is only just barely out as yet, I think), so it will likely be a bit before more information about it is available on the wider 'Net.  But this is still very cool, and I am, as a certain Vulcan once said of a certain medical officer, likely to be insufferably pleased with myself for at least a week.
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And now I've arrived on Dreamwidth! More later; lunch and duty call, approximately in that order.
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First: despite an absurdly lazy posting ethic (I really should remember to actually post here from time to time), I expect to retain this journal for the foreseeable future.

However, enough of the fannish traffic I follow is now migrating to Dreamwidth that it looks like it's time I establish a parallel journal Over There. To which end, if any of the good folk reading here (all four and a half of you - heh) happen to have a spare DW invite code available, I'd be interested and thankful.

The specific catalyst for this is a new iteration of the affiliate-harvesting script episode, which I came across via [ profile] liviapenn, as described here. (I am less concerned about the affiliate-scooping itself than about some of the associated security issues as described in this Dreamwidth post from antumbral.)

Again, not going anywhere, at least not yet. But definitely looking to clone myself across the way.

ETA: Silly me. If you do have a code, my email address is on my Profile/UserInfo page.
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Because I am feeling insane, and can all too rarely resist a challenge -- we'll make another try at this:

Herewith the Fanfic Advent Calendar, Mark II (concept and rules-template cheerfully adapted from [ profile] cadhla):

What's that?
An advent calendar counts down the days from December 1st to Christmas in some fashion.  Mostly I've just seen the ones that involve opening little tiny cardboard doors to find the chocolate surprise inside.  The fanfic equivalent, pioneered by the above-mentioned and scarily prolific [ profile] cadhla, involves producing a flashfic daily starting on December 1 and concluding on Christmas Eve.  (Yes, we're also working on [ profile] yuletide stories...why do you ask?)

Flashfic is essentially short fiction -- as little as a paragraph, as much as a page -- that isn't constrained by the precise word count that makes a drabble a drabble.  [A salute to [ profile] mtgat here, who rightly pointed this out the first time I tried this.] Basically, it's a way of staying short and sweet while giving oneself a little room to play around.

Oh, neat!
Why, thank you.

What fandom?
Multi-fandom. As long as I know it, it's fine. does that work?
Every day will have a fandom, a title, and a character or pairing. These will (we hope) be taken from the comments on the previous day. Things need to have a holiday theme; this is, after all, a countdown to Christmas.

So if I comment first, I can tell you what to write?
Not quite. Whatever is suggested has to interest me, and it has to be in a fandom I know.  (I have just now updated my Interests list to include fandoms that weren't there before.  However, the list is not necessarily exhaustive, particularly for older TV -- both live and animated -- and for literary fandoms, although I write some of those pretty sparingly.  So feel free to suggest things even if they're not on the Interests lists....)  I'll go back over the previous day's comments when I get ready to write the next day's entry, and work from there. I won't go back more than a single day unless a day receives zero comments -- that means that you need to comment again if you want me to consider your suggestion for the next day, and so on.

How are you doing the first one?
By looking at any comments I get on this entry, of course.  [Or, if necessary, by punting.]

Can I do this, too?
By all means! Just let me know, so I can wander over and...suggest...things. Heh. Heh. Heh.

Game on!


This is a fanfic journal. I'm interested in a wide variety of fandoms as well as in meta- and theoretical discussions; see my interests list for specific fandom categories. Comments, critiques, recs, reviews, and the like are always welcome.
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