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At least now we know what people are reading the journal for....


Oh, I know, it's not a valid comparison -- with story posts, such response as there is shows up on the story page (or is supposed to, at any rate).  Nonetheless, I am amused to observe that the Thinkgeek post represents the most comment traffic on a single entry that this journal has had in <i>years</i>.  Clearly I need to re-think my posting strategy.
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A degree of fuss shows up, not surprisingly, as LJ updates its terms of service with new language [specifically, Russian(!)].  As I observed last time around, I am not inclined to panic unduly about that in itself, although I admit to a degree of startlement at having to agree to be bound by an agreement in a language I don't understand and can't read.

However, one observer points out a clause that makes my writer-persona's eyebrows go up:

If User participates in any rankings or if User’s Content is used in any editorial projects of the Service, User provides to the Administration an additional authorisation to modify, shorten and amend his/her Content, to add images, a preamble, comments or any clarifications to his/her Content while using it, and in certain cases based on the Service functions, an authorisation to use User’s Content anonymously.

Essentially, their observation (which I think is valid) is that this amounts to a license  not just to re-use anything one has posted to one's LJ account,  but to rewrite and alter it as they see fit without permission or credit to the original writer -- including fanfic, for instance.  Now, ToS agreements often include a non-exclusive license to republish content, but the rewrite-and-modify aspects of the language are rather more sweeping than I've seen in most ToS language...and also, this is written under Russian law, and I wouldn't want to bet on Russian copyright protection being as robust as it is in the US and UK, for instance.

I would very much like to see the OTW legal team comment on this provision. In the interval -- on one hand, I'm not leaving LJ *yet*, and I don't intend to delete anything I've posted to LJ as yet (I don't think it's likely that the Russian Overlords will reach backward into LJ's archives for drabbles).  But I do not think that, under the new ToS, I'm going to be willing to post or crosspost new fanfic on the LiveJournal side, and I would encourage others to think carefully before doing so.  (Holmestice participants, I am definitely looking at you!)

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A quick note relative to current developments on the LiveJournal side (specifically, concerns about LJ's servers being migrated to Darkest Russia):

This journal has for some time been mirrored on both DW (where I write most/all of the posts) and LJ (where I started), and I read my friends-lists/circles regularly on both sides of that mirror.  I expect to continue to do just that for as long as the lights are on.  Any content I post will be available on the DW side if the lights go off on LJ, and given that this is almost purely a fannish journal, I see little likelihood that Koschei the Deathless et al will choose to come after me.

Having said that: I do encourage anyone on the LJ side who is concerned to create a DW presence (there are tools whereby one can import an existing LJ over to DW essentially intact, thereby preserving the content), to add me to your DW reading page, and/or to let me know if you have a non-mirrored DW account to which I ought to connect.  The DW visual interface is as highly customizable as LJ's is (being built from the same base code), and though the vocabulary is a little different, the underlying structure is much the same.  At the moment, one need not have an invite code to create a DW account; if that changes (which it might if there's a mass exodus), any spare invite codes I happen to acquire will be mentioned here and available by request.

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A small administrative note: I have done a touch of housekeeping to my DreamWidth circle settings -- mostly a matter of cleaning out duplicated or dormant cross-traffic with LiveJournal.  As far as I can tell, this shouldn't negatively affect anyone who's actually reading on the DreamWidth side (if anything, the opposite should be the case), but if I have mis-guessed, please send a message to let me know, and I will put you back on the "nice" list. :-)
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Partly due to a recent hardware upgrade (new computer, wheee!) and partly due to general summer laziness, I find I'm suddenly behind on several aspects of the journal-keeping thing. So the next few posts will attempt to bring matters somewhat current. Do not be alarmed by the sudden influx of Stuff; I'll doubtless be back to my usual leisurely pace soon....
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And now I've arrived on Dreamwidth! More later; lunch and duty call, approximately in that order.
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First: despite an absurdly lazy posting ethic (I really should remember to actually post here from time to time), I expect to retain this journal for the foreseeable future.

However, enough of the fannish traffic I follow is now migrating to Dreamwidth that it looks like it's time I establish a parallel journal Over There. To which end, if any of the good folk reading here (all four and a half of you - heh) happen to have a spare DW invite code available, I'd be interested and thankful.

The specific catalyst for this is a new iteration of the affiliate-harvesting script episode, which I came across via [ profile] liviapenn, as described here. (I am less concerned about the affiliate-scooping itself than about some of the associated security issues as described in this Dreamwidth post from antumbral.)

Again, not going anywhere, at least not yet. But definitely looking to clone myself across the way.

ETA: Silly me. If you do have a code, my email address is on my Profile/UserInfo page.
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The "Gray Cardinal" email-box just got a forwarded note involving a supposed missing-child/Amber alert case involving one "Evan Trembley".  While the matter sounds serious, a quick visit to establishes that the message is not authentic; it's merely an ongoing email hoax/spam item.

What with all the noms-de-Internet we use in fandom, I can't easily backtrail where this particular note came from, but it seems likely that some version of this may reach someone else in my extended orbit.  I'm therefore posting this in hopes of derailing the spread of this iteration of the hoax to some small degree.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled LiveJournal....

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Now that Yuletide assignments have gone out, herewith the customary Dear Santa letter:

First of all, I am a fairly mellow Yuletider with wide reading interests.  That said, my attitude toward much slash (particularly m/m as opposed to femslash) is more or less meh.  I'm not opposed to it -- providing it arises plausibly out of the canonical character relationships -- and I've read a fair amount of slash that I've quite liked, but I am generally more interested in fic for story than I am for pairings as such.  (This is one reason I tend to specify single characters in Yuletide requests.)  Note that I say "story" rather than "plot", because I emphatically do not mean to suggest that I'm not interested in character-driven fic -- quite the contrary; OTOH, plot is also a Good Thing, and much appreciated.

You may also notice, if you glance backward at the fics and drabbles posted here (it's not that big a backlist), that I wander as often as not toward the comic side of the Force.  While I don't mind darkness in context, I am a real sucker for well-tuned humor, and I gravitate toward fandoms that incorporate comic elements. 

As to the specific requests: )

Good luck, and good writing!

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And with another batch of backdated posts (for the 11th, 12th, and 13th), the Advent Drabble adventure is more or less back on schedule. Comments suggesting further drabbles are always welcome....
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Just a quick note to alert any interested observers that the Advent Project is partially caught up -- and that the latest three posts therein have been back-dated to the 8th, 9th, and 10th respectively -- not in an attempt to disguise their fundamental lateness, but so that they occupy the right temporal LJ coordinates even though they are, in fact, woefully late.

In particular, I note this because two of the three drabbles in question address Suggestions From The Gallery, and the backdating may mean that you'll miss seeing the posts unless you backtrail.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled LJ (and me to frantically trying to catch up the rest of the way....)
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....with various formatting and visual-design elements; I built this in rather a hurry very late at night, and will likely take a bit to get all the bells and whistles placed (plus there are certain logistic amusements in managing an auxiliary journal).

It should all sort itself out before long, and meanwhile, the primary content isn't going anywhere.


This is a fanfic journal. I'm interested in a wide variety of fandoms as well as in meta- and theoretical discussions; see my interests list for specific fandom categories. Comments, critiques, recs, reviews, and the like are always welcome.
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